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Introducing Viognier!

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May 14, 2019
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As part of winemaker Samuel Delafont‘s innovative Languedoc wines, welcome our newest addition, the Viognier 2017!!

This wine is part of the recently developed and exclusive “Parcel Selection” range, produced by Maison S.Delafont‘s own vineyard grown with sustainable methods. With this specific selection, Samuel focuses on each individual parcel, highlighting a singular grape varietal. “Cabrière” is a 5-acre (2-hectare) parcel surrounded by trees and garrigues and is planted on slopes with west exposure. As part of the scenery, the mountain Mont Lozere (5,600 feet) brings a nice freshness, typical of the Cévennes climate.

If you are looking for a Languedoc wine, the ones from Maison S.Delafont are definitely great wines to enjoy! Created from the best grapes in the region, each wine is an expression of the terroirs and parcels that show Languedoc’s diversity and quality. With the newest project of the “Parcel Selection,” the 100% Viognier 2017 brings creativity to winemaking, especially as this style uses Samuel’s own patented stainless-steel barrels for the 9 month aging on lees!

“Rich aromas of white fruits, hazelnuts, and dried apricot. A well-balanced and round wine with a fresh and long finish!”