Cognac One | Xavier Flouret featured in Global Traveler’s January edition!

Xavier Flouret featured in Global Traveler’s January edition!

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January 11, 2019
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Global Traveler‘s wine columnist, Eunice Fried, captures the essence of the Xavier Flouret wine brand in her latest article, “The X Factor.” (published in the January 2019 edition of Global Traveler)

X MARKS THE SPOT “often the spot where a treasure can be found. And one such treasure is X wines, chosen by Xavier Flouret of the wine importing company Cognac One. Its wines, with a large “X” on their labels, are boutique wines Flouret selects from his travels around the world, wines made by small producers he feels provide excellent representations of their region, their grapes, their type.”

“I recently tasted several white X wines, among them the flavorful, refreshing Domaine Hamelin Marly Chablis 2015 ($24) from Burgundy; and from the Loire Valley, Domaine La Gemière French Blonde 2017 ($25), a lively, assertive, fruity Sancerre. Rosés include Château des Demoiselles Nationale 7, 2017 ($22) from Provence, a bright, fresh, floral wine that combines seven grape varieties and displays aromas of strawberries and citrus fruits…”

“The phrase “X factor” usually refers to a quality sometimes difficult to describe but one we sense to be special, noteworthy, intriguing — like Xavier Flouret’s X wines.”

Read her full article here.