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The inspiration for Cheval des Andes came from the dream of founder Pierre Lurton to follow the original Malbec vines from Bordeaux to Argentina. In 1999, Château Cheval Blanc started a joint venture with Terrazas de Los Andes and Cheval des Andes was born from the ungrafted Malbec. “A Bordeaux of the past,” Cheval des Andes is true to the region by being Malbec-dominant but made with the savoir-faire of a first-growth Bordeaux.  View current inventory: Collector Wines Visit the winery website: Cheval des Andes

“When authentic wines get personal” Xavier Flouret Wines is a carefully curated collection of some of the world’s finest boutique vintages. Flouret conducts a rigorous selection process, choosing only expertly made, wines that highlight their terroir for his premium portfolio. Respecting the tradition of craftsmanship, Xavier Flouret reveals unique wines with a beautiful heritage. Today, the recognizable “X” can be found on 11 wines, stemming from the best wine regions in 6 countries. View all collection: Xavier Flouret Wines Visit the winery website: Xavier Flouret Wines