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Samuel Delafont, Languedoc Artisan Négociant

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September 17, 2020
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Like great chefs, Samuel Delafont knows that quality ingredients are the foundation of an unforgettable tasting experience. And his commitment to that is so high that he’s willing to invest three times the regular price to ensure access to the Languedoc’s best of the best each harvest. As an artisan négociant, he has the freedom to select these top grapes from the most sought-after appellations in the Languedoc like Pic St. Loup and La Clape. Additionally, all of the selections are from biodynamic, organic, or sustainable growers. Respect for the terroir is a cornerstone of Delafont’s process, start to finish. 

Aiming for maximum complexity and freshness, Delafont invented the perfect instrument: stainless-steel barrels. These unique barrels allow the lees to breathe, which acts as natural protection against oxidation and results in a wine with depth, length, and crisp finesse. As a maker hyper-concentrated on terroir expressive wines, aging in a way that results in minimal intervention is integral, so that the wines can truly speak for themselves. 

Delafont’s art is micro-vinification, with only 4,000 bottles produced of each wine in that particular vintage. In partnership with three to five winegrowers per wine, this patchwork of grapes is blended and balanced into one. It’s not only a mélange of different varietals but also of soil types. The ultimate objective of this fusion is what Delafont describes as “a Mediterranean wine with fineness and freshness.” 

Take a stroll through the vineyard and cellar with Samuel Delafont!