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Domaine Delobel, Touraine


The Delobel estate is owned by Benjamin Delobel. Benjamin started his vineyard in December 2013. The 2014 vintage has helped him realize his passion for Sauvignon Blanc and a genuine love of the land. Based at Ouchamps in the Oisly wine-growing area with its lively, straightforward and mineral wines, the estate began its conversion to organic production in 2013, a key step for this young man who thrives on contact with the land and tending his vines for hours on end.

On his 12-hectare estate, he produces Touraine and Touraine-Oisly wines. The ten hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and two hectares of Gamay and Pineau d’Aunis generate three white wines, two reds, and a rosé.

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