Cognac One | Legendary Restaurant Paul Bocuse in France serves Domaine Jolivet Wines!

Legendary Restaurant Paul Bocuse in France serves Domaine Jolivet Wines!

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July 6, 2018
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Paul Bocuse was one of the most internationally well-known chefs from France. His main restaurant is called L’Auberge du Pont de Collonges (aka Paul Bocuse) and has had a three-star Michel rating since 1965. Known for its nouvelle cuisine style of cooking, the restaurant is known to give pride of place to regional products, cooking techniques, and makes simplicity a point of honor. An example of this is their most famous dish, the Black Truffle Soup VGE (Valéry Giscard d’Estaing), named after the French President. This dish was created for the Elysée Palace presentation of the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor to Paul Bocuse on February 25th, 1975.

Knowing the true value of excellence, the sommeliers of the Paul Bocuse Restaurant in Lyon adore the wines from Domaine Jolivet! In an Instagram post from their official account, they say: “The favorite of our sommeliers! For his second vintage, Bastien Jolivet, a young winegrower aged 29, offers us a wine of rare elegance and great aromatic complexity: bravo!” Pictured are the Saint-Joseph «1907» 2015 and L’Instinct 2015 wines that we have recently started importing to the greater New York City area!

Tasting Notes:

Saint-Joseph «1907» 2015: “Fruit forward, complex and structured with 94 Points by The Wine Advocate. 

Saint-Joseph L’Instinct 2015: “Fruit forward, spicy and structured with 91 Points by The Wine Advocate.