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Iconoclast Pinot Noir from Alsace landed in New York!

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December 6, 2019
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Mother Nature has given us an early gift with this incredibly fresh and harmonious Pinot Noir from Domaine Ruhlmann-Schutz.
For those who didn’t know: yes, Alsace does produce delicate Pinot Noir wines!!! This grape varietal represents only 10% of the Alsatian vineyards (white grapes account for the other 90%).


Due to climate change, the warmer weather has allowed Alsace to produce a beautiful juice,  similar to the ones we usually find in Burgundy. From a region, we often associate with white grapes, sweet wines, and Crémant, its chalky soil keeps surprising us! Owing to the rising temperatures, the clay and limestone terroir reveals concentrated grapes. This results in an elegant light to medium body wine that is round and harmonious on the palate, full of fresh tannins with a graceful long finish.

Vineyard of Domaine Ruhlmann-Schutz

Since 1688, the Ruhlmann family has pursued its passion for wine in Dambach-la-Ville. Over generations, the Ruhlmann estate has grown progressively to reach the highest reputation of quality Alsatian wines.

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