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Domaine des Pasquiers, Côtes du Rhône


Domaine des Pasquiers was created in 1936 when breeding sheep was the main activity and viniculture was just a supplemental pass-time for the proprietor. However, the estate evolved during the 1960s with the purchase of additional parcels of land known as the Sablet and the Vinsobres estates.

Today, this traditional-styled winery is run by the brothers Jean-Claude and Philippe Lambert who privilege organic farming techniques. The estate covers 87 hectares, divided into different appellations: Gigondas, Côtes du Rhône villages Sablet, Côtes du Rhône villages Plan de Dieu, AOP Côtes du Rhône and vin de pays de Vaucluse. The domaine’s cellar has a capacity of 8,000 hectoliters for the vinification and ageing of the wines with a majority of concrete tanks.

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