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Domaine Jolivet, Côtes du Rhône


Located in the Northern part of the Rhône Valley in the historic Saint-Joseph appellation, Domaine Jolivet made its first harvest in 2014. After several years of experience in France and abroad, Bastien Jolivet, 3rd generation of winemakers decided to return to the family vineyard and work alongside his father. They decided to stop selling the grapes and make their own wine. The estate is currently comprised of 8 hectares, mostly red and white grapes in Saint-Joseph.

The vineyard is planted on a hillside with South / South-East exhibits with many stone walls to retain the land. These granitic soils are the ideal places for Syrah to express itself fully. The work in the vineyard is done almost entirely by hand.

For Bastien, the work in the vineyard is the key and the cellar work is an accompaniment to the grapes in order to create the most balanced wines possible.

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