Cognac One, all about wine



Our mission is to assemble a curated selection of diverse fine wines coming from exceptional terroirs, boutique Estates, and creative winemakers.

This unique savoir-faire, through traditional, organic and biodynamic methods, translates into authentic and exquisite wines.

We know how to take risks by discovering and presenting unconventional wines allowing our clients and theirs to explore new horizons, appellations, and obscure grape varieties/ blends.

We believe in partnership and take pride in representing these amazing wineries of ours.

To us, wine is about pleasure and democratization and so is our wine portfolio.

Our wines are shipped and warehoused in precise temperature-controlled conditions.

We build quality relationships with our valued renowned clients by being attentive, reactive, and efficient.

We provide personalized and dedicated service that always to match your expectations.


Our whole portfolio is available on Sevenfifty!