Cognac One, all about wine


Builds and energizes boutique wines in the US

We bring to the U.S. market a handful of select wineries to build their image and their distribution. We focus on exceptional terroirs to assemble quality wines from authentic vineyards. This is what we do and we do it well year after year. We aim to strengthen the reach of our partnerships. To us, wine is about pleasure and sharing, and so is our wine list.


Our whole portfolio is available on Sevenfifty!
Mission Statement

– Our mission is to bring a growing selection of diverse and authentic wines to our customers.

– We promote private and family-owned vineyards and we champion methods of sustainable development.

– We focus on terroir. We respect the culture and customs of our winemakers, their vineyards and the regions we select.

– We proudly act as the face of our wine producers in the United States.

– We are meticulous in the transportation and the warehouse of our wines.

– We seek confidence in our selections from our customers.

– We build quality relationships with our valued clients. We are reactive and efficient. We provide personnalized, dedicated service, always.