Who we are

First it starts with the wine. Our goal is to bring to our consumers a handful of select new vineyards. We promote private and family-owned wineries and we champion methods of sustainable development. To us, wine is about pleasure and sharing, and so is our wine list.

Our wines

We focus on exceptional terroirs to assemble quality wines from authentic wineries. Champagne A.R. Lenoble, Château de Bellevue, Xavier Flouret Wines, Baron E. de Rothschild are all part of our growing portfolio of wine selections. As you can see, we never let the bar drop.

Latest News

Introducing Languedoc Wines from the up and coming Artisan-Winemaker Samuel Delafont. Specialist
in crus from the Languedoc region. He has created S. Delafont under his own name with a militant zeal
and an ambitious approach to the development of great Languedoc wines.